At TaleMedia, we create breathtaking adverts for online platforms to help you tell your tale to the world.

Tale Media has experience in Marketing, Business Management, Video Production and Audio Production.

High budget promo videos with unique music tracks? We bring the same amount of quality for a fraction of the price.

How We Work

Our mission is to create effective and great quality videos at an affordable price for every business.

The process starts with understanding your Tale. We will talk with you about:

  • Your business model and how you want the video to align with it?
  • Your current customer base and who you want to target with your video?
  • What online platforms you’d like to advertise on? (We are happy to advise on effective platforms for your product, service and customer base).
  • What’s the reaction you want from the audience after watching the video?
  • What’s your budget? Our videos start from £500 and price is dependent on concept, filming and editing time.
video advert
What happens next?
video advert

Our team will create unique scripts for you.

  • We will present you with a script and explain what the video would look like and get your feedback.
  • Our team will work with an audio director to create a unique audio track for the video and present you with a dummy track to get your feedback.
  • After your confirmation, we will discuss the shoot in more detail and the time frame for completion.
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